Jason Altshuler, Founder | President

Jason Altshuler is a music industry veteran and relatively decent guitar player. Prior to founding Paintbox Music Group, Jason ran an award-winning television post production company, Silverlake Sounds, for over a decade, as well as the music production company, ZOOmania Music. Jason worked with major clients on a wide range of projects, with a focus on music supervision and clearance — from re-recording the Everybody Loves Raymond theme song, to supervising thousands of promos for notable franchises for 20th Television, King World Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, and Disney, to music supervising multiple films and TV shows, to then producing his own music series for TV.
 Jason’s deep network of personal relationships with labels, publishers, managers, and songwriters led to his first commercial branding opportunity. Microsoft was prepping the debut of their first VR product - a newly designed visual experience called the HoloLens. Along with the help of Imagine Dragons, their manager, and Interscope Records – Jason was able to secure the hit song “I Bet My Life.” The result — Microsoft recorded their most-viewed digital branded content piece, with over 20-million views in under 3 days.
Fast forward 4 years and many campaigns later – the mission remains the same: find the perfect song to compliment our client’s creative direction and vision. 
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